Grandma Sutton

Lela Barrett Sutton 

Random Memories of my grandmother~ (reblog from 2013)

Every summer... shelling purple hull peas, .ice cold sweet tea, watermelons, wood floors, green linoleum dining table, well water, face powder.

She wore roll- up stockings to just below her knee, and always wore dresses until after my grandpa passed. Then she started wearing pants every now and then.

If a bad storm was coming, she would part the clouds with an ax put in the ground out in the garden to split the clouds and keep her home safe.  (I never actually saw her do this, but was told she did.)  She also had a hidey hole, but I did not like that place due to my deep seated fear of spiders, red wasps and snakes.

She had chickens and hogs and I imagine they did not have names, because they were breakfast, lunch and dinner.  (I swear she is choking a chicken in this picture, but I can't really tell) My grandpa also had cattle.

She made homemade biscuits every day. The flour was kept in a bowl with a towel over it under the cabinet.  She hollowed out  the flour, poured milk into the hole, then rotated her hand around and around until a biscuit was formed.  She then placed the biscuit in an old black pan, and patted it in the middle with the back of her fingers, the poured a bit of melted butter over that.  Grease (lard) was involved, but I don't remember when she put it in) 

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#52 ancestors - longevity- my grandmother was born in 1909 and passed away in 2000, almost 91 years old.

Four Generations ~ Nichols, Albey, Sutton

This is one of my favorite photos- taken in 1958, almost 60 years ago.   The baby is me, and to the right is my sweet mom-  I miss her so much! 
Standing is my granny- my mom's mom, Esther Adaline Nichols Albey, and holding me is Sara Adaline Fitzhugh Nichols, my great grandmother, who passed about one year later. 

There is a little more about the Nichols/Albey families posted on my other blog  located here and here

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Barrett & Bowers

Franklin Edward Bowers
Born:  May 22, 1911 
Died:  March 22, 1997, Kirby, Pike County Arkansas 

July 4, 1942 
Howard County Arkansas 


Lillie Mae Barrett 

Born: July 22, 1913 Howard County Arkansas 
Died:  December 24, 2002 Pike County Arkansas 

My great aunt & uncle