Surname Saturday ~ Brick Wall : Sumner

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Surname: Sumner (Summers)  

Simon Peter Sumner (Summers)

  • Born: @1835 in Illinois (according to 1860 Drew Co. AR census)
  • Died: Between 1869-1870 (according to court records & his wife’s remarriage)
  • Served in Civil War from Drew Co. Arkansas
  • Married Elmyra Denton 1854 in Drew Co. Arkansas
  • Found on one census: 1860 Drew Co. AR
  • Need any previous census or tax records, names of parents, place of birth

Peter Sumner and Elymra listed as "Indigent Families" in Collins Township (Drew Co, AR)--1864. 
15 Jan 1867--Page 361--Peter Sumner listed as overseer on road district #3--Monticello, AR.  
14 Oct 1867--Page 411--Peter Sumner given $8.00 allowance for jury duty--Monticello, AR. 
29 Oct 1869--Peter Sumner declared a pauper, and allowed $12.00 a month until Jan 1st next.  No further in court records. 
I suspect Peter died sometime before January 1, 1870, but definitely before the August 1870 census (where his wife and children are listed without him) and then his wife marries a Yankee soldier in January of 1871, and the two of them disappear for 30 years.  

Simon Peter Sumner is number 3 in my top 10 list of brick walls. 

Church Record Sunday ~ Clifford Locke

Ashdown Presbyterian Church
(now Hilltop Baptist) 
Sunday School Ledger
January 1922

Ashdown Presbyterian Church, Little River County Arkansas

Hemphill Clifford Locke
b. 3/6/1888
d. 1/6/1922
Judge Matthew Alexander & Sarah Leanna Bizzell Locke
Siblings: Llewellyn, Nancy, Matthew Jr., Mary, William, John, Leanna & Frank
m. 9/14/1015
Mayme Perkins in Little River County Arkansas 

buried. Ashdown Cemetery