Mystery Monday ~ Dica Elizabeth Clark Smith

Dica Elizabeth Clark Smith

 Dica Elizabeth Clark was born on June 9, 1880 in Bethel, Tennessee. Her parents are speculation to me and are both brick wall mysteries.

Around the mid 1890s Dica met and fell in love with Zion Whitfield Smith, who worked for the railroad. They were reportedly married on August 2, 1898, but I have yet to find a marriage license or index to prove the exact date and location.

I do know that their first child, Evaline Amanda Smith, was born on December 24, 1900 in Mesquite Texas, and the 1900 census enumerates them in Dallas Texas, living in a tent. Four years later, Dica gave birth to a son, Walter Eugene, who was born in Bryan, Jackson County Oklahoma.

Dica passed from this life when Walter was just 18 months old, leaving a husband with two small children to raise. At this time, the family resided in Red Bluff, Little River County Arkansas.

Dica is buried in an unmarked grave, most likely in Blackerby Cemetery. She was my husband's great grandmother.

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  1. How very interesting Terri. Have to tell you we are getting such a kick out of doing our own genealogy. I have learned that I am not the only English person who moved to America in my family. We go back as far as the 1600s and came over on one of the three ships that came to Virginia. There are others who ventured here and I have family who fought in the Colonial War and both sides of the Civil War. It's a fascinating journey.