In Her Own Words

Partial letter from Mollie Hopper to Mary Wilson Hopper Lamb
found in my great grandfather's bible (Earnest Luther Barrett) 

page 2: 
dead he died on the 17 of last month he was 82 years old the 16th and died the 17th. He died of his old disease paralysis. AS you know he had had several strokes In fact- had been afflicted for many years. but-was hardly ever fast-was just going long at a time would walk over the farm with his stick up to a few day before his death and went to the dining room and eat a hardy
Page 3:
dinner Thursday and before night he was totally paralyzed  and never moved or swallowed anything again and died the following Sunday- 

Detailing her father's (my 3 great's uncle's) death.  

John Sarratt Hopper 
Born 1-16-1827 SC
Died 1-17-1909 NC 
Mollie was his youngest daughter

sharing with Tuesday's Treasures


  1. How wonderful to have these family treasures and thanks for sharing them this week. I hope that you have a bunch more to share in the future.

  2. I find it interesting when people come across stuff like this as to how detailed they were. I have an old postcard that talks about when my dad's mother left home when he was a boy and when she returned.