Surname Saturday ~ Tennessee Jane Sutton Hosey

Surnames: Hosey, Schaal, Myrick, Sutton
  • Born  February 11, 1877 In Schaal, Howard County Arkansas 
  • Parents: John Wesley and Melissa Myrick Sutton 
  • Siblings: James Chrisanbury, Jack, Lee, William Allen, Claude Elmore, Arminta Viola, Florence Della, Lula and John Harve, all born in Howard County Arkansas
  • Resided- Hempstead &  Howard Counties, Arkansas
  • Married: Harrison H. Hosey, (son of  John Bain & Mary H Schaal Hosey) on July 4, 1893 in Howard Co Ar 
  • Children: *Orb, Henry, Collin Hayes, Muriel, Mary Etta, Benjamin, Lawrence & Leathel
  • Death: January 31, 1952 in Mineral Springs Arkansas
  • Buried: Mineral Springs Cemetery, Howard County Ar

Tennessee Jane was my great grand aunt


  1. How wonderful that Orb passed those stories on to you & you are passing them on to the future.

  2. Wonderful that you had Orb to relate family tales & inspire you!