52 Ancestors/52 Weeks #10 ~ Mary Alice Sumner

Mary Alice was born November 18, 1863 to Simon Peter and Elmira Denton Sumner.  She was the third and last child, and her siblings were William and Martha.  All three children were born in Drew County Arkansas.
When Mary was six years old, her father passed away.  The civil war had devastated the area where she lived and her father was declared a pauper just months before he died.   Within a year of his death, her mother married a northern soldier, John Maes, who was from Wisconsin.
I don't find her mother on a census again until 1910, but Mary and her sister both moved to the Perry County Arkansas area, where Mary married James Albey on September 17, 1883.   Mary and James were sharecroppers and they moved several times, but never out of state.
They had eight children: William & Martha (twins), Minnie Annie, Elvie, Lawrence, Johnny, and my grandfather- Austin.
Mary and James lived their final years in Malvern Arkansas. Mary passed on April 7, 1930 and James on April 26, 1935.  They are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Hot Spring County Arkansas.  They were my great grandparents.

The 52 Ancestors/52 Weeks challenge is from Amy Johnson Crow.
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