52 Ancestors/52 Weeks #8 ~ Hattie Mae Henson

Hattie Mae Henson was born on Christmas Day in the year 1889 to Thomas Franklin and Eugenia Lucille Hammett Henson.  I believe she was born in Miller County Arkansas, but at the moment, don't have concrete proof of that.  She was the third child of five; her siblings were: Kate, William, Laura and Callie.

She was raised in the Texarkana area, until she married John Gill on June 9, 1909, and then she moved to Little River County where she resided the rest of her days.

She and John had the following children: Raymond Edward & Mildred.  These two children were born 18 years apart- he in 1911 and she in 1929.  There could have been children born between the two that I am unaware of.

Hattie was known most affectionately as "Mama Gill" to her great- grandchildren..one of whom was my husband.  Her husband died in 1970 and Hattie passed in 1976.  Both Hattie and John are buried in Hicks Cemetery, located in Little River County Arkansas.

The 52 Ancestors/52 Weeks challenge is from Amy Johnson Crow.
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  1. How delightful! To see an Ancestor, with a smiling face!!!!!!

    Wonder if I have ever seen another?!?

    Thank you for sharing...


    1. Tessa, I think you are right- it is a rare thing to see a smiling face. She looks happy in this shot.

  2. She does have a 'devilish' grin - I'll bet that girl was lots of fun! Love her name - Hattie Mae - that has a nice ring to it. Sweet little dress and hairdo. xo Karen