52 Ancestors/52 Weeks #2 ~ Robert Green Albey

Robert Green Albey was born on November 19, 1868 in Perry County Arkansas to William & Angeline Albey.  He had one sibling, my grandfather James Albey.

Robert spent his childhood helping his father sharecrop.  Shortly after 1880 curious events began to take place in the family's lives.  His mother gave birth to a child, who to this day, is claimed to be another man's child, even though his parents did not divorce until well after her birth.  His father sold their land, and as a 12 year old boy..Robert is listed as a witness to a share crop agreement to grow corn on leased land- his mother is not listed.

By 1887, his mother and Emma have left..without a trace according to divorce papers filed in 1891 by his father William.  His brother James had married about 1883 and moved to Hot Spring County- leaving Robert and his father behind.

At some point..I don't know the exact date...Robert leaves the only home he has known, (and his father) behind in Perry County and in 1893 he married Onestein Hamm in Miller County Arkansas.

Robert and Onestein had three children: Earl (who died at birth), Birtie and Winnie.  Onestein died in January of 1900, leaving Robert with two small children to raise alone.

Robert and the girls were adopted by Joel and Emma Atkins (no relation).  Aunt Em, as she was known, helped Robert raise Birtie and Winnie, because he worked construction in different towns in Louisiana.

He never remarried and on September 14, 1940 he passed from this life at the home of his daughter Winnie in Camden Arkansas.  He is buried in Line Creek Cemetery in Ida Louisiana.

Robert was my great grand uncle.

The 52 Ancestors/52 Weeks challenge is from Amy Johnson Crow.
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  1. Sad story. But it's wonderful that you have a picture of him.

    I'm doing the challenge too and am enjoying reading everyone's stories.

  2. Sounds like he was a great dad to raise his girls himself in those days. 52 weeks = 52 Ancestors is providing many interesting posts!

  3. Interesting to learn this bit about your family. :)