Take It To Their Graves

This week's
Brick Wall Frustration 
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Here's a re-blog that fits my 
genealogy mind set of late: 
from a 2010 submission for the 

There’s one in every family
and sometimes two or three.
They hold the deep dark secrets
of the <insert surname> family tree.
It’s usually an auntie,
sometimes an uncle too.
It’s not about the names or dates
but shocking stories ’bout Cousin Lou.
There’s a lady in Missouri
with a photo and a sword.
I tried to talk to her about it
but she just wants it restored.
My cousin had a first wife
who had someone else’s child.
This news was learned upon his death
all were shocked to put it mild.
There are bibles in the attic
photos, letters, cards and yet.
Aunt Birdie doesn't care to share
cause Uncle John got Mom’s  tea set .
And then there are the women
who just protect the family name.
They've taken it upon themselves to
hide Aunt Rita’s shame.
It really doesn't matter
how much I want to know.
There are forces larger than myself
Who won’t allow it to be so.

Still seeking parents of Simon Peter Sumner, born 1835 in Illinois, married 1854 to Elmira Denton in Drew County Arkansas , and died around Christmas of  1869 in the same county. 

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