Friday's Random 5 & Tombstone Tuesday

  1. Where do old, broken headstones go to die? Mary is buried here, under a different marker, but this original headstone ended up in someone's back yard  (not mine) 95 miles away. Mary is the wife of my first cousin, 5 times removed. 
  2. First time ever 2nd cousin match on ancestrydna! tree!, no name!, no answer to my email!.  Acckkk! 
  3. Still trying to fix duplicate spouse issue in my FTM file.  I've decided that syncing is what caused it, but too late to reverse...and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to delete an unnamed spouse.  I'v never had a problem like this before with FTM. Why now, after all these years?  
  4. It's the Fickle Genealogy Hand of Fate that I am finding out so many horrible, awful  things about one branch of my family, yet I still can't find simple maiden names or parents for 2 great grandmothers. 
  5. Speaking of which- I am still trying to find a genealogy researcher who can locate a marriage record in Texas for me.  Any takers?