Friday's Random 5 & Tombstone Tuesday

  1. Where do old, broken headstones go to die? Mary is buried here, under a different marker, but this original headstone ended up in someone's back yard  (not mine) 95 miles away. Mary is the wife of my first cousin, 5 times removed. 
  2. First time ever 2nd cousin match on ancestrydna! tree!, no name!, no answer to my email!.  Acckkk! 
  3. Still trying to fix duplicate spouse issue in my FTM file.  I've decided that syncing is what caused it, but too late to reverse...and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to delete an unnamed spouse.  I'v never had a problem like this before with FTM. Why now, after all these years?  
  4. It's the Fickle Genealogy Hand of Fate that I am finding out so many horrible, awful  things about one branch of my family, yet I still can't find simple maiden names or parents for 2 great grandmothers. 
  5. Speaking of which- I am still trying to find a genealogy researcher who can locate a marriage record in Texas for me.  Any takers?


  1. In regard to #1: I really hate to see the old tombstones disappear (and most certainly into a backyard 95 miles away). I never feel that the new replacements are credible in terms being considered a genealogical source of information - couldn't the old stone just be set in concrete and lay flat on top of the grave?

    The bottom half of the gravestone of one of my 3rd gr grandmothers is still standing in an old cemetery in western KY. I'd like to have a replacement set at some point, but I definitely want to retain the old stone at the gravesite.

    Good luck with the DNA matches and keep up the good work on the blog.


  2. It is very frustrating to see stones that have obviously been moved out of the way. I've been places where they are stacked up against trees, etc. Makes me wonder if whoever is mowing the grass does it just to make their job easier .....

    I actually don't mind when stones are re-done --- if the information is preserved, that's what I find important. I don't like it as much when stones are set in concrete, facing up, because then they have complete exposure to the elements - acid rain, snow, ice, etc. The best "fixes" I've seen have been wood and iron support frames for stones.

  3. I find the idea of moving a headstone atrocious. Good luck with your searches. :)

  4. You are lucky to have found the grave stone!! My family in Corryton, Tenn family cemetery is safe because it's so far off the road in the middle of a cow pasture! But, the old family cemetery in central Georgia isn't. All but three stones have been taken. Out of 7 or 8 burials.

    1. I know this stone was replaced with a new one, but I still don't know why the old one ended up in someone's back far away. That's just awful that so many of your family's stones have been taken!

  5. That's just crazy to know that the stone is that far away. I wouldn't have ever thought that people would take stones either. That's awful.
    I've been doing some genealogy work and find it so interesting, but it can be frustrating too.

  6. How frustrating!

    My dad has been trying to track down his grandparents' graves. They moved the cemetery where they were originally buried when a road was built through the area back in the 70s. He found an article about the church moving, but can't find where the cemetery went.

  7. I love wandering through old cemetaries.

  8. Terri you are way over my head with genealogy...I can totally see how it could become absolutely a very fun all consuming project! Thank fully we have a first cousin who is doing it for our family. hate that someone would remove a headstone...That is so wrong!


  9. What a fascinating blog! My sister and I are going back to the courthouse in the town my parents are from to do a little digging of our own this Christmas. Can't wait to get started! Lots of inspiration here. Thanks for your visit!

  10. it is so sad that stones are stolen for decor or for kicks. You have been able to learn far more about your family than I have learned about mine. Now my husband knows his genealogy back to Eden. Ha! We are truly the odd couple.

  11. At least there is still a headstone...somehow or other I wish it could be kept there at the grave, too. Wish I could help with the Texas thing or even with the ftm problem.

  12. I have to agree with Sandy.. Sounds like a Genealogy adventure.


  13. I adore geneology, despite being adopted! I like to walk through graveyards, too!

  14. Kids probably. Bless their hearts. I know nothing about genealogy, but I hope someone helps you out here.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  15. What a tombstone!
    I've been trying to find my birth mother's birth date. No success.
    I have checked out my adoptive mother and father's info. And my hubby's!
    Much fun.