Friday's Random 5 ~ Gone Too Soon

1. Jesse Sutton, born June 30, 1901- a twin to my grandfather Clarence.  Jesse died June 15, 1922 of a heart attack after working in the hay fields at his uncle's house in Oklahoma. He was not married.

2.  Simon Peter Sumner, born 1835 in Illinois, married Elmyra Denton & they had three children.  He died late 1869, a pauper. His wife married a Yankee soldier one year later and disappeared for 40 years, showing up finally in her son's home as a widow in the 1910 census.  I still don't know where she was all that time, or if she had any children with the man.

3. Charles G Hopper Jr, born 1822 SC & died in the civil war, October 5, 1862, he left behind  his young bride Mary, with four children under age 10.

4.  Charles & Virgie Martin Williamson died within 2 months of each other, leaving three young children as orphans.  Charles was 35 and died of pneumonia. Virgie was 32 and died of measles & childbirth.  I don't know if the child lived or died- no record.

5.  Eliga Gipson Buster, born in 1850- died at the age of 46 of pneumonia. He left his wife Mollie and two children under the age of 10.


  1. There are enough of these in my family tree that I marvel at the families where a husband and wife lived into at least their 80s, with 10 or more kids all living, married, etc. Sad, isn't it! Thanks for your post, Terri.

  2. I wonder about the young widows with little children. Did they have much choice besides marrying again? Did they have any skills or education to support their own children? Perhaps a family member took them in.

    1. Most of mine remarried almost immediately. I'm amazed at the times that family members did not take them in. I imagine life was just tough for everyone, especially my farmers.

  3. Interesting Terri!! So many of the young girls died giving child birth or after the baby was born due to child birth. My grandfather's Mother died in So. Indiana giving childbirth. The baby was sideways. they had a leg and an arm out - she gasped when she saw the leg, had a heart attach and died in the bed. they didn't even deliever the baby since they lived on a farm and there wasn't anyone to feed/nurse the baby.
    Pneumonia was called the Angel of Death.