Friday's Random 5 ~ Gone Too Soon

1. Jesse Sutton, born June 30, 1901- a twin to my grandfather Clarence.  Jesse died June 15, 1922 of a heart attack after working in the hay fields at his uncle's house in Oklahoma. He was not married.

2.  Simon Peter Sumner, born 1835 in Illinois, married Elmyra Denton & they had three children.  He died late 1869, a pauper. His wife married a Yankee soldier one year later and disappeared for 40 years, showing up finally in her son's home as a widow in the 1910 census.  I still don't know where she was all that time, or if she had any children with the man.

3. Charles G Hopper Jr, born 1822 SC & died in the civil war, October 5, 1862, he left behind  his young bride Mary, with four children under age 10.

4.  Charles & Virgie Martin Williamson died within 2 months of each other, leaving three young children as orphans.  Charles was 35 and died of pneumonia. Virgie was 32 and died of measles & childbirth.  I don't know if the child lived or died- no record.

5.  Eliga Gipson Buster, born in 1850- died at the age of 46 of pneumonia. He left his wife Mollie and two children under the age of 10.