Friday's Random 5 ~ Dating Old Photographs

1.  (1) John Wesley Sutton died March 12, 1939

2.  (4) Clarence Sutton's twin Jesse Sutton died June 15, 1922 and he is not in photo.

3.  (4) Clarence Sutton and 2nd wife (5) Lela Barrett Sutton were married December 11, 1929.

4.  (8) Hubert Butler Sutton and wife (9) Elsie are holding children: (12) Living, born 1935, and

5.  (13) Living, born 1937.

From the above clues,  H.B Sutton's two daughters and John W. Sutton's death date narrow the time frame to about 1938 to early spring of 1939.   I don't know the birth month for the younger daughter, (she's 3 on the April 1940 census)  but she appears to be holding her head up, so I am guessing she is at least six- nine  months old.  I do know the location- Corn Hill, Arkansas.


  1. Love it when I find an old family reunion photo!! Especially when Grandma has written everyone's name on the back!!