Amanuensis Monday ~ Will of William Griffith

William Griffith's Will
State of South Carolina, Greenville District
In the name of God, amen.
I William Griffith being of sound mind and memory, and calling to ----that it is appointed for all men must die, I have ---and ----this my last will and testament and hereby recalling all former wills by me void? heretofore make this my last will to be only will in soul to God from whence it came and my body to the Lord  and dispose of those things that God has granted with me in the following manners viz..
my body is decently buried and funeral expenses paid ..any after my death and my expenses after appointed before my death to much of my personally property as will pay off my just debts .
My will and desire is that the balance of any property after paying the debts as above stated that my dearly beloved wife Catherine should have and enjoy the land, negroes,  two houses household and kitchen furniture farming tools and other things to make her comfortable, my will and desire is that she should have and enjoy the above named property to her sole use and support in and my desire is that she have the power to give any of the above property away or administer it in any manner ..thus to support on during her life time.  That at her death my will and desire is that executors heretofore named should proceed to have the property appointed and sold in twelve months credit that is rent and personal.  My will and desire is that my daughter Polly, who married William McDougle that she Polly and her increases shall not have any paid less one dollar over above what has been given to William McDougle heretofore  Its my will and desire that my said daughter Polly and her increases or said William McDougle shall ....any..of any estate ..above, and my ....are charged to by said wills agreeable to my ...
when the ...of my property is sold at my wife's death..the amounts of money or property divided amongst my ...children that is Benjamin Griffith, John Griffith, Stephen Griffith, Matthew Griffith, William Jeff Griffith, Claudius? Fleming  Griffith, Hannah Cox, Elizabeth Smith and Isabella Griffith or their increases and the following to be ...that the last ..would my children as one equal share of what the whole estate is worth with the exception of my daughter Polly and her increase is to how paid by my lawful executors and after the completion of what they have received heretofore which is to be deducted from there share of said  estate that my ...stated what amount  they
have received to be deducted from these Benjamin Griffith (dr?) to two hundred dollars for land, John Griffith (dr?) to two hundred dollars for land, William Griffith (dr?) to two hundred dollars worth of land, Stephen Griffith (dr?) to two hundred dollars worth of land. Matthew Griffith (dr?) to eighty dollars worth of land William Flemming Griffith to two hundred dollars worth of land including here he has built his house but not to have any claim to the saw mill now ..nor ..the creek then high water mark the above sums of money will be deducted from their parts in what stated.  I do nominate and appoint my six sons to be my true and lawful executors (viz)Benjamin Griffith, John Griffith, Stephen Griffith, Matthew Griffith, William Griffith, William Flemming Griffith my will  and desire is that the above named executors act in accordance with the within will.
Given under my hand and seal this seventh day of September in the year of our Lord One Thousand  eight hundred and forty three and in the sixtieth year of american independence
signed, sealed and acknowledged in presence of
WM McDaniel
Jas M McDaniel
J T C McDaniel
William Griffith (seal)