Friday's Faces from the Past ~ Gill

Raymond Gill, Ashdown Arkansas Basketball Team

Ashdown High School 1927-28~Basketball Team
Front row- far right- Raymond Gill
Raymond (1911-1988) was the son of John Edward and Hattie Henson Gill. He was born in Little River County Arkansas, and he was married to Clara Williamson on August 21, 1931 in Little Rock.  The couple had two children, one of which was my husband's mother Virginia Rae.  They were divorced before 1946.


  1. Quite a difference in the gear they wore, then & now. Colleen

  2. What a great photo! The guys look like they could easily be in college not High School. I agree with Colleen, the gear has changed quite a bit, especially the length of the shorts!

  3. They look like very serious young men. They probably decided beforehand that they would cross their arms in from of them, don't you think? Talk about body language!

    1. I thought they had a pretty intense look about them- and the coach in the three piece suit looks serious too!