Patrick Cleburne's fallen soldiers- Liddell's Brigade

Patrick R. Cleburne’s Arkansas Division 
Monument Dedication at Wartrace, Tenn.
Mary Mills Jackson
UDC Albert Pike Chapter #2507, Texarkana

Patrick Cleburne’s fallen soldiers (Liddell’s Brigade) at the Battle of Liberty Gap June 24-26, 1863 were recently honored with VA markers in the Confederate Section of Willow Mount Cemetery in Shelbyville, Tenn.

Mary spreads Arkansas soil from my garden on the graves of the following Arkansas soldiers: 
Samuel Oran- 8th AR Inf
Thomas Elms- 8th AR Inf
John Hoskins- 13th AR Inf
Laurence R Frisk- 5th AR Inf
WH Fuquay- 5th AR Inf
PT Neal- Key's Co ARK L A
LH Gill- 6th AR Inf
John Hoskins- 13th AR Inf
AJ Lewis- 6th AR Inf
George A Laughter- 15th AR Inf
William H. Cronin- 15th AR Inf
Stephen H. Tribble- 2nd AR Inf
De Witt A Weddel- 15th AR Inf
Thomas Mackey- 2nd AR Inf
Ray P Ralford- 2n AR Inf
West Stellar- 13th AR Inf
Lemuel Harrell- 5th AR Inf
LF Howard- 13th AR Inf
William L Chaddick- 2nd AR Inf
John W Garrett- 15th AR Inf
Jerry Noland- 5th AR Inf
Edward D Wood- 2nd AR Inf
NM Mercer- 5th AR Inf
CW Traywick- 8th AR Inf
John Hood- 13th AR Inf
Thomas Riddle- 4th AR Inf
Augustus A Small- 2nd AR Inf
Francis M Dill- 2nd AR Inf
James C Bays- 2nd AR Inf
WH Raney- 2nd AR Inf
JA Forrest- 2nd AR Inf
Ransom C Fowlkes- 2nd AR Inf
Braston H Cooper- 13th AR Inf
Henry Farrar- 2nd AR Inf
GW Lambert- 2nd AR Inf

To see photographs of these soldier's VA markers, and to read more about the story and dedication,  please visit Hwy 64's photo album  at Flickr 
and the Civil War Buff

To read more about the Battle Of Liberty Gap, please visit  Civil War 

Photographs copyright Mary Mills Jackson- 2011

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